TT 40' and 50' roofwalks by Model Memories

TT 40' and 50' roofwalks by Model Memories

Postby scaro » Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:00 am

The test etches of roofwalks I have gotten made are by Don at Model Memories:

What he did with mine is to fit them around runs of HO and S etches I think so they use up spare space on the sheet that would otherwise not be used, TT being kind of small. I think his price is $8 a pair, so enough for two cars.

If enough people buy them, it is possible he'll see his way clear to making other things available in TT ... who knows? He has a range of signals and catenary too, so for anyone who's into particularly eastern or electric railroads, there's a lot of potential ... and he does take special requests.

Tell Don I sent you, and another bit of good advice is for those who are interested in older freight cars to join the steam era freightcar list or STMFC on Yahoo groups as there's a wealth of information and advice for modellers there -that's where I contacted Don.


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