trains past your balcony

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trains past your balcony

Postby scaro » Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:10 am

... this is 50 yards from where I live beside the lee navigation canal in London. buying a flat with this kind of proximity to rail and water was a bit of a coup, I think, anyway. it's very rare to find a line in London that has freight rail traffic, and this line manages it in between passenger railcars three times an hour.

it's known as the gospel oak to barking line or the 'Goblin' by local gricers, for reasons that elude me thus far. oddly, the gricers (that is, railfans) either don't know of it or they regard filming trains in Tottenham housing estates as being too risky.

(this was the area the infamous UK riots of 2011 kicked off, so we have a bit of local 'atmosphere'.)

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