Tillig BR229 questions

Tillig BR229 questions

Postby Rich1853 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:59 pm

I'm looking to purchase a Tillig BR229 Bahnbau either a 02793 (100-3) or 02557 (181-3)
or possible a BR218 02707 or 02717; the 229 being a six axel locomotive will it have problems with my R310 curves and turnouts bedding tracks.
What type of couplers does these Tilligs have (don't have the standard symbol on Tillig web site i.e.
Coupler: Shaft NEM 358 with KK kinematics), it has Hauseigene Kupplungsaufnahme In-house coupler pocket
what is that?
will they couple and stay couple with my modern Tillig rolling stock.
EDIT 05AUG2018: today I ordered the Tillig 02707 BR218 218-287-1 DB Gleisbau
Here is one of her sisters 218-391-1; very impressive I might add:
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