TILLIG 2 axle short tank wagon 9581X -

TILLIG 2 axle short tank wagon 9581X -

Postby Christtking » Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:45 pm

This type of wagon was aquired by TILLIG from former company JATT (among other products). The models produced earlier by TILLIG were released with older type of coupler style from BTTB. Newer models are equipped with the new designed coupler by TILLIG and have close coupling mechanism. The models produced by former JATT were equipped (I believe) with PEHO type of close coupling mechanism and BTTB style couplers. (I am not exactly sure because I've never had a chance to get my hands on any from JATT.) The only products I own manufactured by JATT are: some 4 axle reko wagons, some electrics BR 118 and some diesels BR 106 (now build by TILLIG also, as revised models). The newer batch models of 4 axle reko passenger coaches are equipped with PEHO style coupling system, so about that time when JATT started releasing the tankers, so I assume that they were equipped with PEHO mechanisms also.
The numbering of each article started with (if I am not mistaking) article number 95810 (a few years ago) and I believe the numbers keep adding to the list. I believe TILLIG is at 95833. Models released so far available for eras 2 and 3 are wearing different logos of many oil companies from different countries, e.g. East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, (just to name a few), painted in a variety of colors (corresponding to their respective owners), sold as individual items or incorporated in sets. This type of tanker is very detailed and very fragile. I do not own that many. Kind of pricey for a little booger (it can go up to 35 US $ regular price, on sale 25-29, brand new).
Only problem that I've found so far with this vehicle. The end of the wagon (the one without the brakemans' platform), the model comes equipped with 2 different lenghts of coupler guiding mechanisms. The one located under the platform (obviously the longer one) functions properly. The shorter one found (installed) at the opposite end is the one that gives me trouble. I am just trying to warn people, some of you are aware of this problem, some are not. All my models by the way have the same problem. Easy fix! The inner flanges of both wheels are rubbing against the outside walls of the coupling guide cover. Little grinding action performed with the Dremmel tool, or shave off the corners (edges) with a sharp hobby knife blade to eliminate the friction
The model in question, causing the friction
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