Tillig 1670X, sleeping coaches type WLAB (m)(e)

Re: Tillig 1670X, sleeping coaches type WLAB (m)(e)

Postby LVG1 » Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:34 pm

LVG1 wrote:
j p wrote:- the "drawbar". One of the car's trucks had a generator. Could that be what Christtking meant?

No, I don't think so. He posted a photo and commented it: "This is the detail I'm talking about." But this photo doesn't show a generator. It only shows a shock absorber.

Looking at the photo again, I'm not sure, any more. Usually, shock absorbers are clearly thicker.
Possibly, it's actually only a connecting rod and not a shock absorber. Those connecting rods serve the same purpose like shock absorbers at this position of a car but they are less effective. "Shock absorber" was my first thought because they have become very common within the recent years. But finally, I do not really know which of both it is.

By the way:
Usually, there's only one generator per car. But several sleeping cars have one per truck (on opposite sides of the car). But I don't know it about this type of car.

j p wrote:- All the CSD cars from the 2 batches for broad gauge were equipped also by CNII (ЦНИИ) trucks. You mention only Görlitz V for SZD cars. But most likely, those cars had also CNII or similar trucks for 1520 mm.

My books only talk of Görlitz trucks. There's not a single word about possible differences between standard and broad gauge trucks.

But about two decades ago, I read that these cars sit about an inch higher on the broad gauge trucks. I can't remember where I read this. So I can't tell the exact height difference nor if it fits only some or all types of gauge-changing cars nor what the reason for this difference is.
What you told about Soviet trucks used, may be a plausible explanation.
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Re: Tillig 1670X, sleeping coaches type WLAB (m)(e)

Postby Christtking » Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:44 pm

Whatever that thing is I sure have problems building it from scratch. I did not buy any glasses this year. Neglect, neglect! Next year I will get new set of eyes!
I can not find the thread on DHRESCHEIBE-ONLINE, I remember it was under chapter 10. More clear photos of the ends, roof and bogies.


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