Taskboard TT Scale Tie Strips

Re: Taskboard TT Scale Tie Strips

Postby ConnRiver » Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:05 am

Bernd wrote:Brian, I'm going to give the 28" HO wheel a try. Making a tool with those minute dimensions will be the tough one. You would almost need an optical comparator to get those right on. Got to redo the coupler gauges I screwed up and then on to developing the resin track for testing. -Bernd

Bernd, I'm interested in how it goes with the HO wheels, please let us know.

Since I've got a couple of approaches to thermoforming in mind for different projects, I'm going to go ahead with my track tests, too, and see what results. I'll report here. Here's good luck to us! <g>

-Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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