Steam locomotive detail parts on Shapeways

Steam locomotive detail parts on Shapeways

Postby DKRickman » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:17 pm

Rather than carry on this discussion on a thread I started about the ACL caboose, I figure I'll start a new thread here. After a number of attempts, I think I have re-designed my Pyle National headlight drawing so that it will print properly. I've added a second version with only 10 headlights instead of 20. The price is not much different, but a dollar is a dollar.

I've also added a combination pack which contains four headlights, eight running board steps (the drop steps at the front of some locomotive running boards), and eight tender steps. That's enough to do two locomotives with front and rear headlights and steps at all four corners of the tender, or four locomotives with front headlights only and steps only at the front corners (a common arrangement).
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