Starting my layout

Re: Starting my layout

Postby scaro » Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:19 am

ConducTTor wrote:Even for American standards MR is out of their minds. I picked up a recent issue about "Huge Scenes on Small Layouts" thinking cool, this will be very helpful. Apparently their idea of a small layout is a layout that requires a small room...... :wtf:

MR is just 'railroad porn'. they are dealing in the fantasy department and have been for years.

for small, workable layout ideas, i stumbled on this recently ...

...given what you have in TT is limited, this kind of layout might be a good choice. the upcoming GP38-2, U30B and the SW, either the etch or the hopeful MTB unit, would all fit this kind of layout.

the rolling stock on offer from you and art&detail tends to be modern image and would suit this kind of layout ... ie, your gons, tankers and i imagine the PS2s would all fit in and what i see from other producers on shapeways tends to be modern image as well.

the theme is distinctively miami though when i first saw shots like this ...

... it took me back to 2001 and my first visit to the US when i ended up in tampa and st petersburg walking the rails; my credit card wasn't 'valid' in the US for some reason so i was unable to rent a car, and i am by nature a walker and public transport person who loves exploring urban industrial areas.

hence, my first impressions of the US were formed by suburban and semi-industrial florida. i'd foolishly assumed US cities had hip, happening inner-city areas and booked a hotel that turned out to be in a rundown bit of tampa with big CSX phosphate trains running to the port, numerous spur sidings ... and a crack war going on, with nightly gunfire. i ended up finding the local equivalent of police academy's 'blue oyster bar' and falling in with several people you might describe as gangstas ... who were wondering what the phuque this strange english sounding guy was doing there. never mind, they were nice enough. tho' when i'd walk around the spurs, the cops kept stopping me and sternly telling me to be on my way because 'white people just don't walk round here.' lucky i did not attract the attention of any railroad police ... they all told me the CSX ones were not the kind of folks you wanted to meet in a lonely industrial area.

at st pete things were more peaceful and there was was a quieter right of way that might have been a shortline. i walked the length of that. at west palm beach i saw my first US mainline freight , an FEC rock train with three GP40s. didn't get to find the RR spurs there, but i don't think there were many there. i should have stopped off at orlando as it apparently has lots.

the thing with the lance mindheim scenario is this layout could use one set of rolling stock typical for the region, but you could swap sets of motive power ie, SCL/Family Lines/Seaboard/CSX , or high hood the U30B and GP38-2 for a southern tuxedo look ... or go the blue dip and use FEC power. all owned GP38-2s and SWs, and two of the three owned U30Bs.

Re: Starting my layout

Postby ConducTTor » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:04 am

That layout is insane. I never had such a hard time figuring out if a pic is the real thing or not.
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Re: Starting my layout

Postby scaro » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:26 am

yep. i read his blog which is thought provoking ... he has his own particular take on things and it was this that led to him shrugging off the traditional modelling approach of a mainline in the transition era - in his case 1950s monon in N scale - and focussing on the here and now.

that shot of the CSX MP15 just hit me right *here* ... in tampa i was standing in just this sort of swamp, watching a CSX MP15 go by. i should email to congratulate him.

Re: Starting my layout

Postby railtwister » Wed Apr 18, 2012 6:17 pm

Lance Mindheim is an incredibly talented modeler. His N scale Monon layout was great, but his current HO efforts are nothing short of awesome. The prototype he is modeling for his current layout is my backyard, and I can tell you with authority, he has it dead on! I couldn't do half as well, I live here and the local scenery is all I know. I used to think my scenery efforts were below average because I was modeling scenery I'd never seen before (no mountains, or even hills, in South FL), now I know that's not the reason, I simply don't have the "eye" for scenery, no matter where it is...

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Re: Starting my layout

Postby scaro » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:06 am

i just took a look at his monon and it must be the best N layout i've seen.

the florida scenery inspires me not only because of the memories but the flat, sandy topography with sun-drenched, low density buildings is a lot like the le fevre peninsula in the suburbs of adelaide, south australia, which is the most likely place i'd base a layout. it has spurs, palms, and canals all over the place too, i remember phoning home at the time and telling my mother tampa was like 'adelaide with more guns and better diners' ... which i don't think had quite the effect that i'd hoped. :grin:

Re: Starting my layout

Postby AstroGoat760 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:35 am

scaro wrote:MR is just 'railroad porn'. they are dealing in the fantasy department and have been for years.


I have felt that way myself for some time, that they lost their grip on reality sometime in the 1960's.
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