Some photos from TTSMR files

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Re: Some photos from TTSMR files

Postby ctxmf74 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:02 pm

TTSMR wrote:This is a German Berliner Bahnan model of the U7B loco converted to US prototype.


How does that Frisco switcher run? I need something like that for a small layout I'm planning. How would the performance compare to a PossumValley conversion of a Lionel GP9? My other thought was to odrer a "bull ant" drive cause it looks like they can be had with slow speed gearing and finer flanged wheels? Anyone have any experience with their running characteristics? Regards, DaveBranum
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Re: Some photos from TTSMR files

Postby AstroGoat760 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:20 pm

I have a copy of that model with a damaged shell. The motor took a little coddling to get it to turn over initially, likely due to the length of time it was idle. Performance was pretty much on-par with many of BTTB's mid-range diesel locomotives, taking the 286mm BTTB/Zeuke track curves with ease.

The bull ant has really fine flanges, and as such is finicky with trackwork, and tends to derail on some Rokal turnouts, and on BTTB/Zeuke/Early Tillig double slips. My experience has shown that the bull ant runs fine on modern Tillig and equivalent track. Speed control is in general better than the Pittman DC-60 motor, with a lower turn-over voltage, albeit with lower torque.

The motor is not all that loud, but is noticeably louder than a DC-60 motor that is in tune, when the gearing is taken into effect. There is a belt driven bull ant, but I refuse to buy one out of the history of belt equipped model trains. Sure the belt makes the loco quieter, but this is at the expense of pulling power and longevity.

I have a Possum Valley GP-9 chassis on it's way next month. I plan on doing some experimenting with it's parts to see if it is feasible to power a Maisto GP-40, with those, or if I need to design my own transmission.
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