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Postby CFRiad » Wed Dec 07, 2016 1:20 pm

Arseny wrote:This is Vygoda (Vygodskaya) narrow gauge railroad in Western Ukraine. As I know, for today it is used mostly for passenger service ("Carpathian tram"), log lines are mostly abandoned. It was built in 1890s (this territory belonged to Austria-Hungary at that period).

This was part of a larger network of narrow-gauge forestry railways in the area. Another preserved chunk of this network is ~120 km to the south, in Northern Romania, close to the Ukrainian border. It is the 750 mm gauge Vaser Valley logging railway, operated by CFF Viseu Now privately owned, it still does logging operations but also caters to passengers and tourists. It has steam and diesel engines, plus some diesel railcars. The steam engines are wood fired and take water by running hoses into ponds or rivers in a few spots along the way.

The area is now a nature reserve with limited road access. It is called Wassertal in German and its history is linked to the German population that used to live there. One interesting fact is that, due to limited road access, some locals have their own rail vehicles kitbashed from automobiles (see the Ford van at 36:20 in the video below).

YouTube has a quite a few videos of it. Here is a wintry, snowy example:
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