US singer, Russian song

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US singer, Russian song

Postby Arseny » Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:44 am

American musician and singer Dan Kahn singing famous Russian song "Honorable Madam" (literally: Lady Luck) in English:

Honorable Madam
Queen of Separation
Many years we've been
the very closest of relations
I beg you do not taunt me
don't tear my words apart
If Death don't want me
how about your heart

Honorable Madam
Lady of the Borders
Embracing me so tenderly
like all your other courters
I beg you do not tempt me
with your silky spider's thread
My grave is empty
how about your bed

Honorable Madam
Paradise of Blessing
Mistress of misfortune
both loving and depressing
I hear the rifles rattle
and pray that bullets miss
If I lose the battle
I may find your kiss

Honorable Madam
my Victory Eternal
I'm wandering in the wilderness
of furnaces infernal
Though demons hunt and haunt me
I sing to you above
If Hell don't want me
How about your love?
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