TT scale micro-layout in a guitar case - "Gnomdorf Am Wald"

TT scale micro-layout in a guitar case - "Gnomdorf Am Wald"

Postby GuiTTar_Case » Wed May 30, 2018 8:48 pm

Hey there !

Since I was young, I had been planning and beginning two or three layout projects, but it didn't last, for technical and professional reasons ... Now, it's time, I'm back in business ! In TT scale, and "Hobby" price gauge. Here is the genesis of my layout project !

TT scale layout - "Gnomdorf Am Wald" end of line, mostly freight, Inglenook Sidings layout style.


So, let's travel back in time, in GDR, German Democratic Republic, two hours of Trabant driving south from Berlin. The region is still rural, in these 70s, however factories (metallurgical, chemical, sawmills) and coal mines are omnipresent in this land. So, railroad always ensure its first role: transport workers, and goods.

Gnomdorf Am Wald's station has not much "classic" passenger traffic left : antique buses, and a Reko-Wagen DR passenger coach, brings workers to their respective employers early morning, and allows them to go back home in the evening, to the closest big city.

("Gnomdorf am Wald" is a totally fictitious name - it could be translated as "Gnomtown in Woods") :whistle:

But as this little town has several companies of national interest, the traffic is a lot of coal (in gondolas), metallurgical products (in flat car), and of some other specialties ... So, there comes a refrigerated wagon which bring to the next city (and, for a part of it, to Berlin), production of the small local delicatessen, familial firm owned by herr Alfred Witzland. We can also see there several tank wagons, especially to deliver to the city the weekly production of fuel oil or asphalt, as well as other chemical substances. Eventually, there comes a casked wagon from the Hungarian Railways (MÀV) which brings sweet Balaton's Lake wine ... :shh: A legend tells that a few German DR employees tried to drill the enormous casks to have a surreptitious drink along the line :lol:

Trackplan of the station is reduced to its simplest being as an end of line : a unique track come from the "big city" (which is fictitious, but suggested by a siding at the end of network, just like the first Inglenook Sidings trackplan by a British model railroader from the 30s'), divides in three sidings, without moving plate (it was removed at the end of Steam era).


Considering the small distance and low speed on the line - the maximum train length is a convoy of 3 wagons hooked to the T334 locomotive - the train always arrives at Gnomdorf "pushed" (cars forwards), the loco shunts wagons for unloading or loading, then makes the train to go which leaves Gnomdorf "loco first" :mrgreen: . An operator of DR (East German railroads) keeps a close watch on the platform of the first car, and is in constant radio link with the loco engineer. He makes switches moves, and wagons coupling/uncoupling. No mechanical or light signals - everything is simplified as much as possible (a stick-control serves to determine if the train is running or not on the unique track, telephone is also daily used and in case of incident or machine failure).

About railroad related buildings and landscape, there is not much to say - except a red brick house serving as "living quarters" for the DR local employees, a loading/unloading dock, and house of a level-crossing keeper, it will be simple and cheap as possible. Some German vehicles (Mercedes, Trabant, VW, other) or Italians (IVECO, Fiat) will take place. The siding will be hidden by a stone tunnel entrance.

I thought about finding a guitar case, 110 cm long for 45 cm wide (in the widest part), then a friend of a model railroding forum which lives nearby gave me a guitar case for my birthday ! Thanks to him !

Here we are, I believe that I've got nothing to add.

Term of realization: before end of summer.

Additional rolling stock, in the future: first of all, 5 goods wagons, and a Reko-Wagen type passenger coach. Then, if my bank allows it, one more loco ! For sure, a German-look one, like a V36, or an other one T334 ... I'll see !

In the next posts, you'll see : pictures of my rolling stock, beginning of platform work, setting tracks and switches, then ... surprise ! Ah, things happen, you make mistakes while crafting too fast, then you figure it out ... then you change an element, and it's much better :!:

See ya !

- Antonin "GuiTTar_Case". :geek:
- Antonin "GuiTTar_Case" :mrgreen:
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Re: TT scale micro-layout in a guitar case - "Gnomdorf Am Wa

Postby AstroGoat760 » Thu May 31, 2018 3:36 am

GuiTTar_Case wrote: Ah, things happen, you make mistakes while crafting too fast, then you figure it out ... then you change an element, and it's much better :!:

Very true. I have been there multiple times.
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