Russian = American! (Cars and trucks anyways...)

Re: Russian = American! (Cars and trucks anyways...)

Postby LVG1 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:41 pm

Arseny wrote:I think, I must purchase one in future. It's very useful thing to to prove your case in road confilcts, accidents etc.

You don't have to explain that. I will also install a dash-cam when I purchase my next car. I've experienced too much to forgo such useful device.
  • Once I touched a car which drove in the middle of the street instead of going on the right side—as prescribed. But how to prove that if there are no skidmarks and witnesses? In the end I had to pay for the damage although I was innocent.
  • Another time I knocked a car because it was trying a u-turn where u-turns were forbidden. My opponent perverted the facts so that I looked like guilty. Unfortunately, there were two guys in the other car. So I would have had no chance at a court. Luckily he didn't try a lawsuit. So I only had to pay for my own damage but not for both.
  • Another time somebody backed down while I stood behind him. There were also two poeple in the car. But because they were my friends and my warped bumper didn't actually hurt me, we let a matter rest. In case of a lawsuit I would have had no chance, again.
  • Another time somebody turned to the left while I was overtaking him. I slamed on the brakes and slid over a delineator. Fortunately, I could describe the opponent's car and trailer. (The trailer was owned by one of the two local car rental agencies; the name was written on the back of the trailer. And only one company in that region had that sort of pick-up trucks. And there were not many poeple who were allowed to use them on Sundays...) Otherwise, I would have had to pay for the damaged delineator.
  • And I can't count how often I had to slam on the brakes because someone was changing to the overtaking lane while I was overtaking them. That happened about every 2,000 kilometers. It's pure luck that nothing worse has happened, yet...

Arseny wrote:Also some agressive people cease their agression when they see the camera. :smile: Corrupted policemen too.

Also about that I've heard some hair-raising stories.

My landlord once was stoped by a policeman in Slovakia. The policeman claimed that my landlord had been too fast (with a heavy caravan which was old as the hills and hardly able to reach the speed limit). Obviously, some poeple think, German license plates were kind of gold pit. But the policeman couldn't prove his reproach and my landlord was not persuaded. So the policeman assaulted him. But how to prove that without camera?
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Re: Russian = American! (Cars and trucks anyways...)

Postby Arseny » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:34 am

Moskvich-407. Copenhagen, 1963.

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