Rothe TT Top Technik

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Rothe TT Top Technik

Postby Christtking » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:35 pm


This company is located in Berlin ( Rothe Top Technik Postfach 1131 12679 Berlin). It used to manufacture all the versions of the electric BR 104/204, E 04, some (brass) kits to modify (convert) the older version of type Y/B postal and passenger cars manufactured by former Zeuke, BTTB and Tillig, some type of railway crane and a battery car, I think DRG and DR versions. All metal (mostly) was used on their models. The company offered some spoked wheels also. I don't know what happened to this company, I haven't heard of them for years.
Here are some photos of one of their models: Article number 0670, electric BR 204 nicknamed ("Knoedellok"), DR version, era IV. I altered my model a little bit. I added windshield wipers, I outlined the top of the insulators with red paint colour and the activators for the pantographs (including the supports). I painted them using gray colour paint (I tried to match the roof colour), I added white ink on the outer surfaces (lips) of the buffers. Still need to add MU connector (1X) each end, air hoses, extra handle bars (vertical) on the noses (front ends).

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