Roco CSD T679.1006 model 36232

Re: Roco CSD T679.1006 model 36232

Postby LVG1 » Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:25 pm

katze1 wrote:And in East Germany, the nickname for the M62 was "Serghei"...?

No, absolutely not!
Sergey was the nickname in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary (with different spelling).
But never, never, never in Germany!!!

In Germany the nickname is Taigatrommel (Taiga drum).
"Let's eat, grandpa."
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Re: Roco CSD T679.1006 model 36232

Postby Christtking » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:30 pm

I would like to mention that I really like everybody's comments.
@CSD: Very nice description of the model accompanied by top notch photos. The model even comes with the white warning rings on the outer rims (edges) of the buffers. The model comes equipped with no markerlights. I am not sure if the real life prototype had any. I am one of those guys that I really want my long models to be equipped with markerlights. I know we discussed this before about other models. Some people find (see) it as a worthless function. For the original post since you've started with the Czechoslovakian version, I've read an article about it in the Czeck Republic version of this forum, as mention before in other posts the address of the site . I think one member from their club or forum modified the model by adding the correct application of the head and markerlights. He modified the existing electronics or added a new board? I do not know. Pretty interesting article, I suggest If you guys have time, please check it out quick!
The newer batch of this type of locomotive (various railroads) are released with the new Fleischmann TT PROFI couplers. We all know that they are not compatible with any other manufacturer's style couplers. My opinion: it looks good only on the Russian models (ROCO diesels) and TTMODELL sleeping, restaurant and baggag/postal, the automatic coupling system effect.
@gabbysuz. I agree with you about this being the best "DIESEL" loco model built in TT scale so far. Of course they are other cheaper models like PIKO BR 130.


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