PIKO, 47320, diesel locomotive BR 130, 6 axles

PIKO, 47320, diesel locomotive BR 130, 6 axles

Postby Christtking » Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:45 pm

Remove the cover for the speaker on the bottom of the batteries' compartment
To fill out the empty space use a weight (needs modified first). This applies only for the analog models where the sound application is not required.
Engine room area, to imitate the engine I used a copy of the paper found inside the TILLIG model e.g. DB BR 218. Per side I used 2 separate sections to show only thru the side windows. I brushed the white paper pieces with a marker used for fabrics (gray color)
Use a Sharpie marker silver color to highlight the inside areas of each cab, around all windows, cab roof etc
Cabin pieces were painted by PIKO with a ocre brown color paint. Mask the seats all the way to the controls. Spray paint walls with TAMYIA silver leaf. Touch up & paint frontal area of the control, sides by the side windows, behind the seats. Use a silver marker for the areas that are easy to reach. Highlight controls @ throttle
Some preliminary pictures of another new project I've started. Some of these procedures could/may apply to other models of this series. More to come!

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