PIKO, 47280, diesel locomotive BR 118, 4 axle

PIKO, 47280, diesel locomotive BR 118, 4 axle

Postby Christtking » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:47 pm

Remove the upper shell in order to take out the cabins' interiors (control panels with seats)
Cabin interior original color painted by PIKO is kind of dark. Compared and matched color equivalent to RUSTOLEUM 249072 LEAFY GREEN
Proper right paint color should be RUSTOLEUM AMERICAN ACCENTS (OBSOLETE) SEA SIDE GREEN 212077. New substitute spray paint KRYLON CATALINA MIST 53529
For the motors room I used a copy of the paper (found inside the TILLIG models, same class locos) that imitates the motors. I used a fabric marker gray color to brush lightly over the white paper. To install it I used double sided Scotch tape
View inside the motors room with the shell installed

Here are some preliminary pictures of my new project, diesel locomotive BR 118 4 axles. Next procedure will be shaving off the pre existing moulded grab bars and grab irons located on both ends of the model, touch up the shaved areas with proper paint color, drill some holes and install new grab bars from the TILLIG models (accessory bag). The long horizontal grab irons located under the both windshields (both cabs) I need to make them from brass or steel wire, install and paint. Model can be adapted with some thin white circle around the outer upper area of each buffer. The seats inside each cab piece need to be painted different kind of green (chrome oxide? or TBD). The steps (procedures) or just some of them could be applied to the other models of this series e.g. 47282, 47290 etc More to follow!

Re: PIKO, 47280, diesel locomotive BR 118, 4 axle

Postby Christtking » Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:46 pm

Photo of the real life prototype DR class BR 118 diesel locomotive (view of the cabin) taken from Wikipedia

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