Operating - TT versus N

Operating - TT versus N

Postby modorney » Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:27 pm

I've operated lots of HO layouts - both running round and round, as well as switching (shunting) during an operating session.

I experienced my first N scale operating session, and I discovered a few things. Granted, I am a rookie, but fairly
careful and diligent.

First of all, Kadee couplers are easier to uncouple in N (versus HO).

I did find that N scale is prone to some unusual problems. The layout is 48 inches off the floor and I am 69 inches
tall. While reaching across a yard, my sleeve (on a simple T shirt) would knock cars off the track closest to me.
N scale cars seem to be "sensitive"? Someone taller would not have this problem, or a lower layout would not
experience this.

While rerailing a car, or even simply throwing a turnout (ground throws) I would often be holding the skewer in the same hand, and would accidentally bump another car off the track.
I quickly learned to always put the skewer in my pocket.

This layout has plastic frogs. Many of the locos would stop, since they had limited pickup capabilities.

It strikes me that N cars are very light. TT specs for weight ( http://www.nmra.org/rp-201-car-weight ) are 75 percent of HO; I might consider 85 percent? As long as I am consistent, I should be OK? This would make TT "feel" like HO.

I bet if we had a switching layout (with magnetic uncouplers, powered frogs, remote control turnouts), people trying TT would love it, especially if they had previously operated N Scale.

Just my thoughts. Again, I am a rookie, and this is my first time with extensive N operations.
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Re: Operating - TT versus N

Postby gerhard_k » Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:45 pm

Hello, Mike -

I don't imagine you've had time to read all the past posts on this board, but 2 months ago, I wrote the following, perhaps overly pedantic, observations about TT car weights:

Several others added their practical observations also.
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