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1:120 modeling in North America

Site problems

Hey gang, if you encounter issues with the site please PM me - fastest way for me to deal with it. Thx.
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Reset - Version 2

Here are the new rules:

1. Do not criticize products that were manufactured by a company of size 5 people or less.

2. If you disagree with someone, do not tell them they are wrong. Tell them that you found evidence to suggest otherwise and present the evidence. If you have no evidence, YOU are wrong.

3. Do not hijack topics. Hijacking a topic is an insult to both the person who started it and ...
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* All the below require the standard reply - NOT the "quick reply" *

Add a link: copy the link you want and paste it in the text box. That's it. Really.

Add an image: if the image is somewhere on the internet, copy the image location. Click the "img" button above the text box and paste the image location between the two "img" tags.

Upload image or file: below the text box there is ...
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I made it, you can buy it

It's getting hard to find posts with prototypes that people are manufacturing and offering for sale.

If you are doing so, please post in this topic. There will be no discussion here - just the facts.

Post the following:

-How to order
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Tillig turnout kits - guide

Preface: I found this detailed guide on the internet and got a permission from its author for translating it to English and posting here. My comments are written in italic.
This is a draft verion, please feel free to comment on spelling and translation errors

Original guide written by Martin Pinta. Translated by j p (with permission)

Assembling and modification of Tillig turnouts
Unless you want only to play now-and-then on the table, your turnouts ...
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How it works

All my models first of all are available in Kit and only some of them in ready models. I think that for most of you a first part of info will be much more interesting so let me start:

Emd SD45
Chme3-003 Buster

Freight cars
ZB5- frezer workstation
Flatcar 13401
Flatcar 134012
Gondola 12-2123

Passenger coaches
postal car

Track maintence
rail carrirer
"Snow plow"

You may order...
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Update to Selling / Trading Rules

If you are selling or trying to trade an item on this board, EVERYTHING must be disclosed in the description and high quality pictures are a REQUIREMENT.

All posts not meeting these requirements will be deleted without warnings or explanations.
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Help topic for building a model of SD45

*** ConducTTor's note: for the downloadable instructions, go directly to the bottom of this page or click here: ***

I have put some pictures that will be used in an instruction. It is without numbers yet, but i hope that it will help you all for the beginning.

1 Gallery
2 Topic at my forum

I'll try to support you here, of course
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Re: Gold Coast 40' steel box car Southern Pacific

The SP B-50-19 was a good choice by Gold Coast - the models are accurate as-is apart from the brake wheels (37889 and 38014 should have Ureco brake wheels, 38265 and 38306 should have Universal), but this is a difference even I can live with, until I or someone gets some of the correct brakewheels etched.
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