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1:120 modeling in North America

DIYish DCC Booster Module

Like a lot of members here, I seem to have extra time at the house these days. Luckily I can do a lot of work from home, so the paychecks are still rolling in on time.

Since I finally "finished" the wiring in the smaller of the two train rooms, it was time to start planning how to get the DCC setup in place.

Though my DCC system is Digitrax, I'm using Tam Valley Depot ...
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Operating at the show

While sorting through some old files I found this account of the first show I attended as an exhibitor with a friend some years back...

The show began and we were ready to start running trains on my small HO scale switching layout. The friend who’d come with me as co-operator is a seasoned British outline modeller but had never operated an American model railroad and had never used DCC. So I’d brought along some ...
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KRES VT 135 lighting

When the KRES VT 135 first appeared a few years ago I bought the DC version right away instead of waiting for the DCC version. I put in a decoder and it worked but the lights for reverse direction never functioned properly. I thought this was because I should have bought the DCC version.

Information from KRES shows how to get extra functions for interior lights. For a long time I didn't understand that a ...
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Bird action

A couple of long-tailed t!ts have started to show great interest in our back door window...apparently they are attracted by the reflection of the sky. They've been doing this for a few days now.

N.B. this website won't allow the word after 'long-tailed' and inserts Haggis instead if I leave it, hence the exclamation mark.
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TT Scale Spokesperson?

Here is a thought, do we have a spokesperson or spokespeople for TT Scale?

I know some years ago, there was discussion (somewhat) of having a "Ms.", and I think it may be a good idea to resurrect the idea, as it has become clear that having some emphasis on the female TT scale modelers has been a good thing for the Possum Central Railway.

Between my speech impediments and Nicholle's social graces, she ...
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Upgrading the Tri-ang DMU

If I can summon up the parts and the determination I have half a mind to upgrade this rather nice looking Tri-ang DMU I bought some years ago to modern standards including all-wheel pickup from the driving car, DCC and possibly sound. Has anyone done something similar and if so can they suggest a suitable replacement drive/wheels? 3SMR here in the UK have lots of motor bogies on their website but they seem to be ...
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2020 Chilliwack Show

The 2020 Chilliwack show is on, assuming of course that the world has calmed down by October.

With all the show closures, this might be our first show of the year.

However there is a small issue: Insurance. They want everybody, exhibitor or vendor to have insurance for their displays - loss and liability.
Being an informal group of people who like TT-Scale and Beer, we are not an official enough group to get insurance. ...
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Questions and comments that don't need a thread of their own

I got this idea from another forum... there are often questions and comments that are "one and done", shared/asked, dealt with, and done... well I wanted to share something that would qualify for such a thread, so thought I'd start it.

I now have a TT scale model of my grandmother's car she had in Hungary... down to the correct colour! Thank you, Herpa! Now to get decals for licence plate ZJ-45-11...

(the picture is ...
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Vacuum desk

Our son made me this small, very useful tool for miniatur SMD parts. It was always a challenge to solder wires to the SMD LEDs, how to hold them on the workbench and keep the LEDs steady when soldering.


In this small box there is a small 12V vacuum pump and the surface is the back side of the standard copperplated material used for printed circuits. There are 5 bigger ...
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Happy Birthday, Arseny!

Happy Birthday!!!
Wish you more american TT!!!
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