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1:120 modeling in North America

Tillig E94 running slow

About a year ago, I bought a DR E94 model from Tillig's 2018 release. I plopped a Lenz Silver decoder in it and tried it on the layout once, noticing that it was running rather slow. Didn't have time to fiddle with it then, it sat in its box until this weekend when I decided to test it properly at the BCSME show.

It is indeed running very slowly. At its maximum throttle the speed ...
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Is this normal to have this much light leak to the cab

Is this normal to have this much or any light leak to inside the cab or is there a shield or cover missing. This is BTTB BR 130 locomotive

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Happy Summer Solstice 2019

Happy Summer Solstice
15:54 UTC
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Just noticed a huge " HUGE " new listing of TT decals on ebay from seller k4_pacific.
Does most other scales and, I guess, has decided or been asked to add TT to his range. Anybody had any dealings with this seller before?

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Hollywood Foundry

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Wow, such a outrageous selling price on ebay for BTTB BR118 ... cvip-panel (German ebay) EUR 105.60 ... cvip-panel (from USA ebay) $118.54
I was following this auction today only because of the colour, I never seen a blue one before and I thought it would match the colour of the CSD T435 diesellok that I purchased for my Godson last month.
I researched the advertised road number of the item, BR ...
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La Trochita, Argentina

My very old film made in Argentina with Baldwin steam engines, on the full line.
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Aar hoppers on ebay?

Did you see aar hoppers in ebay recently? or do you want to sell one? 2-bay or 3-bay full kit or rtr. Would like to buy a hopper through ebay!
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Question,corection to a locked BTTB BR130 Q&A length topic

Doing a search on a BR130 diesellok, I came across the following post
In the post it was noted that the BTTB model of the BR130 was incorrect, appears too short.
It was compared with photos to the Roco BR132
Yes it is shorter, is it because of a different sub-class?
BR130 has 4 transparent windows mid-ship and 6 grates on the inclined roof.
BR132 has 5 ...

Crowdfunding TT Nut

Due to health I haven't been able to work for the past two years. Needless to say, my savings are dwindling.

So, until I get back on my feet I am cutting all expenses. This includes TT Nut. There are several different products required for the site - hosting, domain name registration, security. They are all yearly deals that come up at various points in time. The total sum is roughly $300 per year.

Going ...
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