MTB CD Cargo 750.222

MTB CD Cargo 750.222

Postby JBr » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:47 pm

MTB has released two limited editions of their 750 Goggles in CD Cargo livery - 750.222 (separate red and white position lights - 4 lights on each front) and 750.061 (combined red and white position lights - 2 lights on each front). This text describes the 750.222.

Paint is nicely executed, all tampon printed texts are crisp and easy to read. Unlike the 753 from the CSD's thread, there are mold division gaps clearly visible on both sides of both engine driver's cabs, approx. as much as on Roco's Goggles (see the third and fourth picture below). They are almost invisible from the usual viewing distance though.

The model is equipped with Plux16 digital interface. It runs smoothly and with Zimo MX630P loco-decoder even freakishly slowly on speed step 1 (0,5 mm/sec or so). Also with Plux16 decoder the rear lights can be turned on and off for each side.

Unfortunately some details of the paint scheme are not accurate - some texts are missing, some are misplaced and handles are painted in wrong color. This is because the producer used the paint scheme of the 061 for both models and although the basic paints scheme and layout of the texts is the same for both locos, some details on the 222 (such as few of the texts, owner address sticker etc.) are different.

The model comes without number plates and small details. Number plates are enclosed as laser cut stickers, other small details as plastic molds.

In spite of all this the overall impression is good. Especially the undercarriage is great.

In the box, not opened yet...

The model is placed inside a tight wrapping.

Content of the box - loco, mold trees with small details, sticker with number plates and spare axle with traction tyres

Side view

Detail of the printed texts

Front view

Circuit board with analog jumper

Detail of the front circuit board and driver's cabin interior

SIde by side with Roco's 754.028
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