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Postby TinGoat » Thu May 08, 2014 2:37 pm

Hi Tom,

I agree that the Anderson PowerPoles are the best choice for electrical connections.

The GapMaster's are good too.

Instead of having one guy building ALL the interface plates...

I would have one guy make a few very robust interface plate jigs.

Then those jigs could be circulated around for everyone else to use.

Tom Dempsey wrote:If you use a template to build you ends allowing precise matchups, this eliminates the problematic issues with the connector rails, etc. The one down side of this that I see is that ONE person has to build all the ends to match in one shop with one set of jigs. However, it does work better down the road for setting up from show to show. And yes, I do have a TT-Tracks module already built, but if we're going to have adequate motive power by then, a Fremo style layout would be more conducive to causing excitement in your target audience.
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