Missing Pictures

Missing Pictures

Postby Bernd » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:14 pm

I just went through one of my older posts and discovered it was missing the pictures. I then checked other posts and noticed they were also missing pictures I posted. I use my web site to host the pictures and then link them through the "img" tag. I noticed that with in that tag I was missing the "www" tag after the // tags. This also happened on two other sights I am on. It looks like this happened last year. I have no explanation as I didn't change a thing. If it would have happen at only one of the forums I'd say their software was at fault, but it happened in two other forums plus this one. The pictures were there when I wrote the post. I've gone through as many posts as I can find and corrected the problem. If any of you find a post with pictures missing let me know and I'll correct the problem.

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