Naples sTreeT - a Micro Switching Layout

Re: Naples sTreeT - a Micro Switching Layout

Postby RodTT » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:16 am

TiTan downunder wrote:Rod

>> Also, the black knobs you see sticking out are the turnout operating rods, which run front to back - some spectators were pushing these instead of pressing the red button for the smoking chimney, which caused a bit of mayhem. <<

Simple solution might be to just paint them the blue as on the front edge to blend in. Them seem to obvious for "little fingers" to resist.


Good idea. Another thing suggested to me was to make a kind of wooden slot-over bar to fit at shows, so the rods aren't exposed. As I operate from the back at shows this wouldn't be a problem.
Funnily enough, the worst culprit was actually one of the children's mothers. Took me a while to realise why the train was derailing. Having said that, the vast majority of children (and parents) are most civilised and don't touch unless asked. If there's a really keen child who 'gets' switching I sometimes pass over the controls and let them have a go.
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