A little German help, Please!

A little German help, Please!

Postby areibel » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:18 pm

I need a little translation help from my German friends (Google is all over the place when you try translating technical nouns)
I recently found two Rokal diesels for a good price, but they're rough. REALLY rough! both pilots are missing one half (the right side when looking at the front), and I need one sideframe and a horn. After a little digging I found the website Rokal-tt.com and he lists some spare parts, the website hasn't been upated in a while but I'm going to send him an email and see what he still has.
I do want to make sure I am looking at the right parts, the ones I'm looking at are-
Schienenraumer- translates as "rail cleaner", is this the pilot piece?
"Signalhorn" translates as "bugle", I'm guessing the horn?
And "Achsblende" translates as "axle cover", would this be the sideframe?

The horn and the sideframes I can probably do myself if I need to, I think I could make resin copies of them. But I don't have a useable pilot to make a mold, are these the right parts?
Thanks for any help!
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Re: A little German help, Please!

Postby CN-TT » Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:52 am

Hi Al,

your translation of the three parts is perfect :thumbup:

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