Lake Ladoga

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Lake Ladoga

Postby Arseny » Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:00 pm

Few photos from the Lake Ladoga.
It is is a freshwater lake near Saint-Petersburg and our summer house, the largest lake in Europe.

LakeGulls :)

During much of the Siege of Leningrad (1941 – 1944), Lake Ladoga provided the only access to the besieged city. Supplies were transported into Leningrad with trucks on winter roads over the ice, the "Road of Life", and by boat in the summer.
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Re: Lake Ladoga

Postby jmass » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:22 pm

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Re: Lake Ladoga

Postby ConducTTor » Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:59 am

Damn! I want a summer house there.
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