Kuehn CSD doubledeckers Bap + Bmo 41260, 41261, 41265, 41266

Kuehn CSD doubledeckers Bap + Bmo 41260, 41261, 41265, 41266

Postby j p » Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:12 am

Kuehn released CSD version of the doubledeckers.
41260 and 41261 are painted in "as delivered" condition, class Bap CSD (epoch 4), different car numbers
41265 has the same paint scheme, but the class changed to Bmo (epoch 5)
41266 has a simplified paint scheme class Bmo (epoch 5)
These doubledeckers were used on several local lines around Prague - where the demand was high but the stations did not allow for longer trains.
They were used also on one local electrified line in Southern Bohemia for the same reason - but all 4 models are lettered for Prague depot.
Perfect for "Grumpy/Bardotka" engine from MTB or wait for "Grumpy" from Kuehn.

Kuehn Bap CSD

Kuehn Bap CSD

Kuehn Bmo CSd

Kuehn Bmo CSD

short coupling of Bap cars

The prototype looked like this
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