Jewel Models heavyweight 70' passenger car

Jewel Models heavyweight 70' passenger car

Postby j p » Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:49 pm

Jewel Models made some very nice heavyweight passenger cars. The kits are not easy to assemble and require experienced modeler. The sides, diaphrams and strairs are made of Aluminum. The original kit came with HP Products 4 wheel passenger trucks.


John Harmon improved those kits by replacing the soft stairs by cast ones, adding ventilation, battery box, coupler holders.
Kemptron 6 wheel trucks can be used.

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Re: Jewel Models heavyweight 70' passenger car

Postby Murad » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:57 am

Some pictures of complited car. It has soft stairs, and they are pretty messy
WTB any of the HP Products locomotive parts
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