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Postby AstroGoat760 » Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:24 pm

JohnnyReb69 wrote:I am impressed... I got faster and more indepth replies here that I've gotten on the HO groups about certain things. There is life here after all, regardless of the "TT Scale is Dead" title!

I'm definitely gonna stick around for a while to see what happens in this scale. I did the same thing in S after getting royally disgusted with the laziness and lack of project support from a great many of the S guys... couldn't get enough of them to support the production of models of southeastern road prototypes. But I personally brought in a new manufacturer into S who was, like me, a southeastern road modeler, therefore S finally began to get models that suited at least some of my needs. That manufacturer was Jim King of, and he makes some FANTASTIC (to say the least) models! I'm presently working with Jim to produce a new, closer-to-scale gearbox that I've designed for S scale. So, those of you who have the ability to invest in having models done might want to give him some serious consideration for doing some TT models. I can assure you... there is nothing on the market in any country that can compare to what Jim can put out. That's my free plug for him for today.

I haven't seen the Lionel models, but I'm curious about the F-3. If someone could make a photo of one or refer me to an online photo that would be great. I also liked the look of FA-1/FB-q models. Not crazy about brass, but I can deal with it.

Keep up the great input.

John Degnan

Johnny Reb:

Here is a link to a page here with photos of CaTTwoman's Lionel F-3 and her Lionel GP-9, both of which have power units in the process of construction.

Here is a section on the Kemtron Alco FA. I plan on making a resin casting of it this summer, part of the reason is to make models of the FB and the PA, which is a FA that threw the diet rules away.. (Well the PA-2, as the Southern had 6 of them).

I take it that you are big into the Southern, JohnnyReb? I love the Southern, and I get mocked routinely for it up here in New England (My place of exile, after I told off a superior that instructed me to accept hazing from a friend of him as a way of life.)

We are also into S Scale as well, and we concur with your assessment in that S Scalers are a bit stuck up, although we have no issue with American Flyer items (aside from the shoddy electrical components and shoddy works-man ship inherent to ct.) Only about 5 of our old American flyer loco fleet works well (out of 50+ locos), and all 5 of those have had to be overhauled and rebuilt by myself personally. We have a new Lionel AF Baldwin Switcher (as part of the Southern work set) that is our S-Scale flagship and workhorse.

Here is a link to last year's holiday decorating contest at work, with TT, HO, and S on display.
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Re: Intro & Wishlist

Postby PKP » Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:50 pm

Why can't you friend start out with a resin shell of the Kemtron FA. That would be a great project and could be done in small lots. Also since Kemtron has been out of business for many years it probable won't step on any ones toes. Precision scale bought Kemtron's dies but I don't think they have ever had any interest in TT. The trucks would be fairly easy with Bull Ant parts and the truck side frames could be part of the deal or if you wnat Hekttor has them in brass in TT. Maybe PVM's geep chasis chould be modified for use. :grin:


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