Roco BR 44: Let there be steam! And there IS steam!

Roco BR 44: Let there be steam! And there IS steam!

Postby SpurM » Wed May 16, 2012 7:13 am

Hi :shifty: ,

Roco prepaired their BR 44 for Seuthes steam-generator, a very small german (exactly: swabian) company. Digital-Drivers take the item-number 28, analogue-Drivers Nr. 27. The work is done very easily. And how amusing reading Rocos guys telling everyone it was ‘much to difficult placing a smoke-generator into the BR 44’ – seems, they don’t know what they are selling.

Analogue/digitally: Remove the locomotives body, and take off the chimneys upper part, so later the smoke will unfold it’s full potential. Cut the generators cables short and solder them directly to the wheels contacts. Push the steam generator carefully into the body and assemble everything. That’s it. In my BR 44 I led the generators cables to the tenders decoder, so it can be switched on and off by the ‘Function 1’.

TT Roco 44 a.jpg
Roco 44er a

Now give a few drops of Seuthes steam-fluid into the generator and switch the tracks power on: NOW you have a real ‘wow-effect’! :dance: I prefer the original Seuthe Fluid to the ‘SR 24 Modellbahn-Öl’, which smells better *gg*, but weighs more, so the steam isn’t that lightweight *puffing* we see with Seuthe.

TT Roco 44 b.jpg
roco 44er b

Rocos BR 38 has no space for the generator, they placed the LED directly under the chimney (as it was in the ‘models prototype’ Fleischmanns BR 38, too), maybe an owner of Rocos 18 201 could take a look into his locomotive. Could be inspiring. :idea:

Have fun with steam! :wink: Alexx
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