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Postby LVG1 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:24 am

Rich B wrote:..., not that we have much left in the way of wagonload freight.

Oh, it's the same in Germany.
Our national railroad rid themselves of wagonload traffic already some decades ago. The few wagonload freight service still existing is operated by private railroads.

Rich B wrote:However, I have two level crossings... I guess I need to protect them?

These signals show if the gates are closed and if the warning signs are flashing, respectively. So you'll only need these signals if you have either boom gates or flashing warning signs (or even both). Boom gates are very implausible at industrial tracks. Whether flashing warning signs are used, will depend on the amount of traffic on both road and tracks.

Rich B wrote:I've spent six weeks overall with the Goethe Institut in Dresden. Last time I stayed at Handwerkskammer, hence knowing the Industriegelände tracks.

I've been in Dresden for almost ten years. But I've never been at the industrial area (Industriegelände).
I only know it from maps and from driving past by train and tram.
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