Headlights for SP 0-6-0 switchers

Headlights for SP 0-6-0 switchers

Postby TTTerrific » Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:13 am

I have two ScaleRails SP switchers. I intend to redetail both of them including changing the headlights on the models. SP used two styles of headlights: Sunbeam, Pyle National. Shapeways (R.K.Dickman) for $5.50 has a "tree" of 20 TT scale Pyle National headlights (with/without visors) based upon a Southern Railroad prototype.

I did some searching on the net, and it seems that the Sunbeam "cannister" style is in fact a Pyle National product in use before the later more modern "cast body" type used on locomotive from the 1930's on. Is this so? Anyone with any knowledge on this subject? :think:
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