GG1 Lionel + Lok-n-Roll

GG1 Lionel + Lok-n-Roll

Postby j p » Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:06 pm

My GG1 starts looking like a model. So here is a picture.
The power unit is from Mike (Lok-n-Roll). It fits very well, and it was running fine - I tried even on Zeuke tracks with streetcar curves. The only drawback were the wheels. He is using BR 130 Ludmila for it and the wheels are really too small. To compensate for it, he made the pivot wheels also smaller. Anyway, I would highly recommned this Lok-n-Roll's power set for the GG1.
I replaced the pivots by the correct ones and ordered larger driver wheels (spoked wheels) from Tillig Jr. (expensive!)
(The old wheels from BTTB's E94 don't fit because of a different gear.)
The most difficult was to get Kadee couplers in place. I had to mill some space for them.
As it is now, it cannot run becuase of the pivot/driver mismatch. But it starts to look OK.
The pantographs are slightly smaller (etch for an old Czechoslovak engine), but they look much better than Lionels' plastic ones (+ the new ones are functional). The isolators for pantographs are scratch built and need some fine tuning.
I hope to finish it in a week or two.
GG1 in progress
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Re: GG1 Lionel + Lok-n-Roll

Postby ConducTTor » Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:39 pm

That's nice! It would be great to see a video of it running.
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