GEM Locos and Peco wagons for sale

GEM Locos and Peco wagons for sale

Postby TTSMR » Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:05 pm

Here are a couple of oldies that some one might like.

The 2 locos are not Triang locos but but Gem metal body kits on Triang 0-6-0 chasis.
gem 0-6-0.jpg

gem 2-6-2.jpg

I dont remember the manufacture of this loco. It has its own chasis, not Triang.

These are for guys who like Peco kits
peco wagons.jpg

peco parts.jpg

I havent run or tested the locos. Youre buying as is.
They have been in storage for quite a while so will
need to be cleaned and oiled before running.

Email me with your offer.



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