Image #4


Image #4
Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:54 pm

Image Description

Image #4 is a close-up of the top of a leg, showing the detail of the notched corner, which was done on a table saw, using a homemade fixture to hold the leg on it's edge against the saw's miter gauge. The length of the notch is just short of the height of the 1x4 module frames, so that the weight of the module rests on the diagonal corner braces, rather than having the top of the legs hitting the plywood module top, which could cause the plywood to break away from the 1x4 frame. Notice the roofing nail in the center of the notch, whose purpose is to prevent the eyebolt/set-screw from digging into and damaging the soft wood of the leg. These legs are made from clear Radiata Pine (a product of New Zealand), which is great to work with, although a bit soft. Clear Poplar is a harder wood, and probably better for the legs, being more rigid, but I couldn't find any Poplar in a finished 2x2 size, so I went with the Pine instead. The module ends are made from 1x4 Poplar because it holds up better against denting from the C-clamps which hold the modules together when set up.

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