Layout plan Pennsy Delmarva inspired


Layout plan Pennsy Delmarva inspired
Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:42 am

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A tentative layout design for a 27 foot by 9 foot train space. Some things like spur lengths and position will be changed as construction progresses but basic schematic should stay about the same. The plan represents a Pennsy branchline somewhere on the Delmarva peninsula. The branch line will be served by a local originating at Skipjack on the bay front, the train will head around the layout thru Hays to pick up incoming cars( where an unseen mainline train has dropped them off)and leave outgoing cars at the Junction. With new cars in tow the local heads back thru Hays, to Shipjack and works the industries. Hays will get worked by the local going which ever direction is appropriate for a given car. Layout is set in 1950's era so I can use my Saz model switcher and brass Pennsy caboose but there's a turntable at Skipjack left over from steam days in case I want to run older equipment..DaveB

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