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Re: For the eBayers in the forum ...

Postby Arseny » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:26 pm

I understand that the shipping outside the US will be expensive, but for the nice model - why not?

As for me - my sister live in France, so I can receive postal packages in France. It is a good opportunity for me, because I am afraid to use Russian postal service - it is VERY slow and very unreliable... :evil:

I've send you a message about the Peresvet's stuff. I am interested in the crane (the soviet railroads is better) and coach. (if it is really the Peresvet's coach of 1930s, not modern coach made by TT-model)

As for american TT-stuff - I am looking for 1 or 2 cabooses, 1 or 2 gondolas, and a hopper (if you do not need it, of course!). Maybe, 1 flatcar too.

Thank you!!
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Re: For the eBayers in the forum ...

Postby TTSMR » Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:05 pm

I had a very bad experience with the Rusian postal service. I sent abut $750 US in trains to Russia. Six weeks later it was returned to me. Over half the trains destroyed.

I will let you know what I have that I can share.



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