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Re: First Russian diesel locomotive

Postby Arseny » Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:47 pm

Officially, Щэл-1 is considered as first Russian/Soviet diesel locomotive, and first mainline diesel locomotive in the world.
But in fact, Щэл-1 and Ээл-2 (also known as Юэ-1) were built practically at the same time.

First trip made by Щэл-1 was performed at August 5, 1924. It was on the Baltic Shipbuilding Plant.
First trip on the rairoad (October railroad) was at November 6 (due to the flood in Saint-Petersburg in 1924). First regular trip - at January 16, 1925.

As for Ээл-2 - it was built in June 1924, tested in June - November 1924, few test trips - in December 1924, and first regular trip - at January 20, 1925.

But Ээл-2 was more successful; it worked until 1954; but later it was scrapped.
Sometimes this locomotive is considered as the world's first operationally successful mainline diesel locomotive.

Ээл-2 was designed by prof. Yu.Lomonosov.
(Seems he was a swindler. In 1920, Lomonosov was appointed to purchase some locomotives for Russia aboard. Soviet Government allocated tremendous amount of 200 millions "golden" roubles, more than 25% of gold reserve of Russia, to buy steam locomotives. Lomonosov sold the gold at a underestimated price and ordered the steam locomotives at overestimated price; and ordered 1000 locomotives at NOHAB, while NOHAB did not have production capacity to produce such a lot of locomotives. At the same time big Russian locomotive-building plants stood idle; and American companies were ready to deliver well-known "Decapod" (E-serie) locomotives, that were ordered but were not delivered before due to the Civil War in Russia.

Later Lomonosov decided not to return to the Soviet Union. He immigrated to Europe and later became a British citizen.)

BTW there is a model of Ээл-2 in TT, built by Russian modeller A.Murashov:!6 ... 5!6c!32!2f
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