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Postby dwyaneward » Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:26 pm

Bernd wrote:
ctxmf74 wrote:Hi Bernd, It's by Coastal Engineering, 6 inch long. I think t's etched stainless steel. The long marks are one foot ,the mid size are 6 inches ,and the short ones are 3 and 9 inches. I'd prefer a longer version with just one foot markings and with a divided into smaller increments foot at the beginning( like engineer's or architect's rules) The 3 inch divisions all the way across make it harder to use.....DaveB

Ok, I see. It's kind of like the ruler put out by General #1251 with the HO, S and O scale on one side and other info, inch scale and MM scale on the other. I'll have to see if I can engrave something similar now the I have engraving cutters. Oh, oh. :o Another project. :shock:


Been working on a TT ruler, but the SS is too thin and warps from laser heat, need to get some more material a little thicker

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