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Postby krokodil » Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:34 pm

The smaller the size, the less weight that you can use for traction, as well as limitations on boiler heating and control. There are people out there that have the skills and ability to make such small steam locomotives.

Not just this is the problem.
I had one H0 scale real steam engine in the hands. (It was made in limited quantity by Hornby). The heating was electrical (in such small scale you cannot use open fire), the capacity of the boiler is hardly enough for 5 minutes of running.
The small engine at the beginning of the video runs with about 1 dcl water more than 20 minutes, but it has oscillating cylinders (on a standard locomotive you cannot really use the unprototypical oscillating cylinders).
The efficiency of other solutions is much lower.
Also the valve gear must be different from the scale gear to transfer the power and control the valves.
There are so many issues (even in this big scale) what is extremely difficult to make.
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