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Postby krokodil » Tue Dec 25, 2018 7:24 am

Recently I produced several model videos. ( part of them are on YouTube). The model railroaders were very happy with the results but few people from the YT viewers complained about the relatively high speed of the trains. (Probably no one of them has a layout at home..... :wtf: )
I do not know, how do you see it?
Here are just few explanations what may be the problem. ( many scenes in the recent film were slowed down electronically to get better results. ).
Here is my opinion:
1. The cameras on model layouts capture usually the bigger areas ie on the monitors we see bigger part of the "miniature world" as we would see in the reality. To get so close to the objects the cameras have usualy very wide angle lenses. This cheats our sense for the size and for the distances.
2. The longitudial scale in model railroads is almost never correct, while our trains are downscaled by 1:120 the distances are far away from this reduction. ( in Europe the shortest station is about 800 m long what in TT scale would be about 6 m). In the reality even on big modular layouts the yards are almost never longer than 2-3 m, on home layout this size is reduced in TT to less than 2 m.
3. Most of the small models are running anyway faster than the scale would require. According the standards the speed can be up to 140% of the calculated model speed. This means even with carefuly driving the speed of the trains will be higher. On top of that if you try to run your trains really on scale speed the visitors will be extremely unhappy - we tried this on one big modular layout the trains were running on their calculated speed, almost every visitor complained why are they running so slow. :boohoo:
4. This speed is very critical in low speed range, when the train start to move. Most model trains starts to work smoothly above the calculated 3 km/h (2 MPH). This is too much watched over a camera. The train jumps from stop immediately to relatively high speed.
5. The electrical pick-up of the model trains is far away from perfection ie. In lower speed we often get choppy movement, what is even worse on video. In the reality very often I did not realized the motion problems, on the video I had lot of work to compensate or mask this choppy motion. Especially when the trains left the yard over many switches. Almost on every switch the locomotives were hesitating or jumping what is not very ideal on video.
6. On model videos we try to place the cameras as close as possible to the trains, to get the illusion of the real world and to show the miniature details. If you stay along the line that close to the train as on the model videos the real trains will pass by also very fast even at lower speeds. Ie our sense is quite relative.
Greetings from Austria
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