Another train control app

Another train control app

Postby dileTTante » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:01 pm

Today I discovered another mobile app for controlling trains using Android and iOS devices. It's called LocoTouch. ... ouch_e.htm

It's free, and I got it to work right away to run the Roco Z21 from an Android tablet. The throttle has a very basic layout. A possible advantage over the Z21 app is that a loco address can be entered directly to run a train, rather than setting up the loco in a roster first.

The app can run under JMRI or Z21 hosts, but apparently only on Android so far, not iOS. It can use another host called LocoTools, which appears to run on Windows and is Japanese only. I can't tell whether it is a version of early JMRI LocoTools.

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