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Postby j p » Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:42 pm

rdikken wrote:Hi guys,

Besides the RTR I could offer always the kit for about 230€, price is an indication. I hope to offer the RS3 with MTB trucks. I am not sure what that will do with the price, the metal chassis has to be changed and of course the connection to the motor.

I think I will limit the RTR to the PRR livery with the different head lights and I have to figure out if the standard tank could be used or the 3d printed tank from Art & Detail.

Understand that I am not in a hurry with this project. I have a few other things. What about the 60 feet waffle car. Till now no reaction there.


I am glad to see that you have chosen one of the most challenging versions :)
PRR needs trainphone antenna and it is hard to find a supplier of Pennsy Dark Green Locomotive Enamel (in Europe). It does not exist in RAL numbers. I have got some dark green car paints for test, I'll let you know if those work better.
There are some pictures of Pennsy RS-3s in the newest issue of "The Keystone" (vol.48, no.2). There are even some units without the trainphone, we just have to be careful when selecting the paint scheme and engine number.
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