UP Turbine Prototype and Model Making Videos

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Re: UP Turbine Prototype and Model Making Videos

Postby Bernd » Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:54 pm

ConducTTor wrote:I don't know if I can post their pics on here or I would highlight what I see.

I didn't realize that if you mouse-over the pictures on this page : http://www.scaletrains.com/products/ho-union-pacific-gtel-8500-horsepower-big-blow-turbine-26 that you get a bigger picture. I did see some over spray. I think the green on the nose is the worst of it all. Also have to consider the bouncing around in the box from overseas. Not trying to defend their product. I think those small items would be hardly noticeable when running on the layout. Take a look a brand new cars and you'll see the same thing at a much high price.

Don't want to get into a debate on finish here. I'm not buying one so it's a mute point.

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