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Postby LVG1 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:27 am

AngrySailor302 wrote:people seem to think that their actions have no consequences and fail to consider what their reckless behavior can result in.

...and it's not only ordinary people who don't care of their behaviors consequences; judges also do so.

Once upon a time there was a little German shortline connecting the health resort Bad Orb with the main line.
Eventually, a little child ran away from its mother straight onto a railroad crossing secured in accordance with the regulations. The child was knocked down by the train and died; the mother sued.
Common sense says, the mother had neglected her parental responsibility. But the judge found the railroad guilty and obliged the railroad to secure the railroad crossing extremely costly.
The railroad couldn't pay for that and had to be discontinued.
—> So the communal bus operator had to purchase further busses to compensate for the capacity lost with the railroad.
—> So there was money needed for financing the busses.
—> This money initially was intended to be used for some new traffic lights at spots where every morning lots of pupils have to cross busy streets on their way to school.
—> Because the busses had to be bought, the traffic lights couldn't be built.
And so a careless mother and a stupid judge caused that hundrets of children had fewer safety for some further years...
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